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Reduce your Risk with Cybersecurity Protection from VisiCom Services
We build effective cybersecurity solutions with multilayered protection to help maintain your company’s integrity, reputation and data privacy.
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Our Cybersecurity Solutions Strengthen Your Defenses From a Dangerous World

If you have fallen victim to any cyberattack, you know well enough that it can be devastating to your company’s image when sensitive information is in the wrong hands. If you have not experienced this yet, you want to prepare to avoid being the next victim. We have been tailoring advanced cybersecurity solutions for our clients for years. Whether you need a cybersecurity assessment, want to address a specific threat, or are looking to build a complete cybersecurity strategy, VisiCom can help.

Get Protected From Cybersecurity Hacks

Cybersecurity Threats Can Come From:

  • Untrained end users
  • Email phishing attacks
  • Missing software updates
  • Ineffective security planning
  • Untested security configurations
  • Insecure remote access solutions

We Manage Your Cybersecurity To Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

Some of the biggest cybersecurity breaches have come from large organizations with advanced cybersecurity that failed to perform routine maintenance. Our cyber strategies address the ongoing processes required to keep systems up to date, highlight cyber threats, and watch out for our clients. Although cybersecurity does require ongoing attention, it also is not overly complex when you have our help in your corner. The most important thing is to have a partner that can build and manage a strategy that is appropriate for your needs and goals. VisiCom has a range of cybersecurity solutions that we include in our vCIO services, managed IT, and cloud solutions from planning and design, security assessments, and incident response. In our security assessments and vulnerability assessments, we will put your cybersecurity strategy and implementation to the test to identify potential issues so we can strengthen your protection and reduce your risk.

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IT & Cybersecurity Protection Services: Rochester Hills | VisiCom Services - secure-data-transfer
IT & Cybersecurity Protection Services: Rochester Hills | VisiCom Services - ransomware

Can You Afford a Breach in Your Company’s Data?

The repercussions of a data breach reach far beyond just money, however it can significantly impact your company financially, as well. In fact, the Ponemon Institute reports, “the average cost of a data breach in the United States is 3.86 million dollars.”

This includes the cost of lost information, company downtime and recovery, and the tarnish of your reputation. Beyond all of this, there are legal fees, time notifying your clients, and financial costs of investigating the breach and finding ways to rebuild and improve your cybersecurity and IT infrastructure.

If this does not sound like something you can afford or want to take a chance with, it is critical to hire us for cybersecurity protection.

Reduce Your Risk of Attack

How Can You Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk?

During these challenging times, the bad actors know people are distracted with other issues and unfortunately, they will try to take advantage of this. Whether using a company computer or your home system, there are some initial steps we recommend to significantly increase the security of using collaboration tools and remote access solutions:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of the foundational methods to improve secure access to cloud solutions and remote systems
  • End user cyber awareness training helps reduce one of the most common causes of cyber breaches
  • Appropriate backup and recovery strategies should address all important data wherever it may be.
  • On-going multilayer defense management should include endpoint protection, patch management, firewall monitoring and more.

Don’t Risk Your Company’s Finances, Information, or Your Reputation Over Less than Adequate Cybersecurity

Although it shouldn’t take horror stories for business owners to implement appropriate cybersecurity, we see it happen far too often. Trust us when we say that proactive protection reduces unexpected stress and negative financial impacts. For the sake of your client’s information and your company’s reputation, the time to contact us for customized cybersecurity strategy is now! Protect your clients, protect your business.

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  • “The VisiCom team is very knowledgeable and resourceful. Their services allow us to focus on our core business, Multi-Family Property Management. They evaluated our existing hardware, initiated a master plan to incrementally improve our system and implemented its installation in relatively painless steps. They reduce so much of the administrative headache of running a business because they fix problems quickly and efficiently and maintain our network so that we have fewer issues. The peace of mind we have as a result of their work is something I would recommend to anyone.
    Paul Bastas, MBA
    Director of Finance, Kaftan Enterprises, Inc
  • Rayhaven Group has had all of our IT infrastructure supported by VisiCom for over 20 years. We have remained loyal to VisiCom for the simple reason that they deliver proactive, timely and insightful support of all our IT systems throughout our four offices in three different states. Having had a dispersed work force for over 20 years has required us to have confidence in a robust IT infrastructure. VisiCom designed it, supplied it and supports it. We could not be more pleased with our ongoing partnership with VisiCom and their team of IT pros.
    Peter Huebner
    President, Rayhaven Group, Inc.
  • We look to the team at VisiCom Services as our trusted advisors for anything related to Information Technology. They provide strategic technology roadmaps so we know we are following industry best practices. Their team has helped us with everything from cybersecurity, Microsoft cloud services to day-to-day support. I would recommend them without hesitation.
    Stuart M. Sakwa, CPA, MST, CSEP, PFS